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Assistant/Co-Stylist Program

The real education comes after cosmetology school. Assisting is the perfect opportunity to fine tune your skills, learn healthy boundaries with successful strategies in  technique and business from stylists that have years of experience and know what it takes to thrive in the ever evolving industry in 2024.


Our Mission

Our desire is to raise salon standards, cater to  the guest experience, and provide a wealthy life as a stylist while getting to live a limitless life outside of the salon. In doing so, we find that by training young stylists who are eager to grow, we will help make a difference for the industry moving forward!

Who will you be assisting?

Jess is currently accepting inquiries for her next opening, available as early as July 1. She has over 7 years of stylist training and has helped over 7 stylists go from fresh out of school to fully booked and busy with successful strategies and a positive mindset, all while making sure work stays light hearted and fun!  You will work hands on with her as you glide through invisible bead extensions, lived in color and custom blonding packages, we even go through bridal training. 

How long does this program last?

We want you to feel set up for success, as early as right away or within 6-12 months, if you are ready to start adding days behind the chair, we start with one at a time until you feel comfortable with being fully released to the floor while still being able to make money in our assistant program as well as opportunities to grow as a bridal stylist.


Pay starts at $15.00/hr  for an average of 30 hours a week with annual increases upon performance, weekly lunches/coffee, and gratitude bonuses. 

Salon Tour

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